Children and Youth choir "Young Voices" from Lansingerland near Rotterdam consists of four groups: A Preschool class, a Choir class, a Children’s Choir and a Youth Choir, ranging in level and age, with approximately 40 members.

The choirs are under the expert guidance of conductor Rosemarijn Kalis.

The choir gives two concerts each year, an Advent-/Christmas Concert, and a Summer Concert to close the season. Except for the preschool class all groups participate in these concerts. The choirs also receive regular invitations to give concerts and to cooperate at special concerts, such as the annual "Matthäus Passion" of J.S. Bach, and Church services.
As a result of the serious and continuous development of the quality of the choir, it is frequently being asked to participate large projects, for example: "Noah’s Fluide" and "The Nicolas Cantate" both by Benjamin Britten.

The repertoire covers from contemporary songs to mostly classical and polyphonic compositions, both a capella and accompanied.



Rozemarijn Kalis is conductor and artistic director of Children's and Youth Choir 'Young Voices' in Lansingerland since 2010.


She received her degree in Classical singing at the Rotterdam Conservatory Codarts in 2007, where she studied with Carolyn Watkinson. She continued her education with a study in choral conducting at the same institute with Wiecher Mandemaker, and received her Master degree in choral conducting in 2011.


Rozemarijn has specialized in working with children and young adults. For years, she was a member of the Dutch National Youth Choir led by Wilma ten Wolde. Rozemarijn is associated with the Dutch National Children's and Youth Choir as a teacher, and in 2009 also as interim conductor.


She is the conductor of the Leiden Chamber Choir in her home town. In addition, she works on a project basis with various chamber and student choirs.


As a singer, she is a member of the professional Laurens Collegium Rotterdam.