“Singing Holstebro”




One of the aims of European Choral Association - Europa Cantat is to bring Europeans and World citizens together in singing communities, thereby creating possibilites for cultural exchange across borders and even across continents. When singing together, our differences do not divide us, but unite us, and we share the same love and engagement in choir singing, regardless of nationality.


The Singing Week

“Singing Holstebro” is organized by Folkekirkens Ungdomskor (The Organization of Danish Church Youth Choirs) in cooperation with Europa Cantat, designed exclusively for youth choirs or groups from youth choirs, not for single participant.



The artistic and cultural milieu of Holstebro is internationally recognized for being dynamic and forceful, with a special interest in new and bordercrossing art.



There will be two remarkable ateliers: ’Romantic Music’ for mixed youth choirs, and for treble choirs ’Sing and Shine with Body and Soul!’



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