Danish Church Youth Choirs


- is a nationwide organization of boys’, girls’ and youth choirs, that are active in connection with a Danish church or have church music as their main interest.


The foundation of FUK took place in the town of Herning in 1968 as the outcome of a series of meetings between organists, clergymen and lay parish council members, interested in introducing boys’ choirs and girls’ choirs in the Danish churches.

Part of the inspiration came from England, but there does exist at Assens Church a boys’ choir with a history of more than 150 years, and a few other youth choirs have existed for several decades.



Since 1968 the number of member choirs has grown from the initial 30 choirs to about 500 choirs. in 2010. The number of choir singers are assumed to be about 10,000 in all.


In the church choirs the children learn to sing, and they get acquaintanced with the church services and the church music, and experience a cooperative spirit in the choir. In this way the choirs may be a key to the future of the Danish Church, as an important part of the church activities for children and youth.


FUK support the member choirs by

- publishing the periodical KorNyt (ChoirNews), sheet music and other kinds of material for the choral work

- encouraging common activities by organizing choir festivals

- cooperating with choral organizations in Nordic counitries and others

- offering education to the choir directors

- support initiatives in the local choral life.



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