Europa Cantat

(From January 2011 merged into European Choral Association)


- is a European non profit organization, directly or indirectly representing more than 1 million choir singers in more than 40 European countries. Members of Europa Cantat are national choral organizations, single choirs, singers and choir directors.


DAM (Danish Amateur Music) is a member of Europa Cantat, and thereby all Danish choirs, whose organizations are members of DAM, are indirectly members of Europa Cantat. One single Danish choir is a direct member of Europa Cantat: Kildebronde Girl Choir. From the beginning, since the founding of Europa Cantat in 1963, choirs and organizations from Eastern as well as Western European countries can be members.



The most important activity of Europa Cantat is the series of large choral festivals every three years, held in varying countries and cities, with thousands of participants. The 17. of these festivals took place in Utrecht, The Netherlands, in 2009, and the next will be held in Torino, Italy, in 2012. - The very first festival took place in 1961; it was such a success, that it inspired the formal founding of the organization two years later. One large festival has been held in Denmark, ECXII in Herning in 1994.


”Singing Weeks”

But the activities of Europa Cantat are not restricted to one large festival every three years. From the beginning the so-called International Singing Weeks have been organized every year at a number of locations in Europe, to give choirs and singers more frequent opportunities to international contacts and cooperation at a high level, and to involve a larger number of cities, countries and regions in the international choir life. This is the first Europa Cantat Singing Week in Denmark ever.