”Sing and Shine with Body and Soul!”



Sanna Valvanne's atélier workshop - ”Sing and Shine with Body and Soul!”

- will set free and open up the singers to shine like stars, and to express

themselves and music with their whole beings. You will learn songs of

different styles, from around the globe, that move your body and soul.


Sanna's energetic personality and her holistic and creative choral method

will engage you in entertaining improvisations and exercises, that demon-

strate the boundlessness of your voice and your musical expressivity.


Together we will create performances of songs from oral traditions around

the world, and of compositions such as the beautiful Finnish folk song

"On suuri sun rantas autius", Alberto Grau's imaginative rap of creation of

the world "La Ronda", and Arne Mellnäs's magic spell ”Aglepta”.


Come and SHINE!

Sanna Valvanne


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